Monday, 30 April 2012

A new purchase

I have long been a fan of scripting, if it can be scripted and can shave nano seconds off a job, I am there. I would rather spend an hour writing a script to perform repetitive tasks than actually do them. AppleScript is usually my bag. It was the first scripting language I had a go at and I found it really easy to pick up. More recently though I have been eyeing JavaScript from across the room. After a couple of half cocked attempts scratching around the surface I still find myself resorting back to AppleScript when actual working, finished scripts are required. It's always far easier to stick with what you know!

A new hope
The latest issue of InDesign Magazine had a great feature introducing JavaScript to the novice. It has the whole first chapter of Indesign CS5 JavaScript by Grant Gamble with another three chapters available to download. I liked what I read in the first few pages enough that I brought the book. Whether its any good or not, the next couple of weeks will tell. I hoping though that it could be book to finally break down my internal AppleScript wall and get me finally using JavaScript with InDesign.

If you are a mac user who has never tried scripting, I really recommend having a look at AppleScript. It is a great language to learn, due to the fact it is written almost in plain English. There are lots of books on AppleScript out there but one of the best is AppleScript 123 by Sal Soghoin and Bill Cheeseman. There is no InDesign content, but it is a fantastic beginners book and will give you more than enough to get started.

If you don't fancy splashing out on a text book, you can pick up plenty of tips and tricks from The community is very friendly and always willing to offer help and suggestions when your newly written all encompassing awesome script doesn't compile or does something weird. Which happens. A lot.

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