Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Farewell drinks (Off topic)

It's time to say goodbye to a trusted and useful piece of equipment. No, not my customised Amiga 1200. I am not crazy. It's my humble 2008 13" Macbook. It has served me well over these past years. Although to be honest I always hated the white plastic finish.

The pain
Getting rid of it has been a massive chore. A simple task, eBay with a decent buy it now price of £200 and reasonable postage costs.

Moron One: Brought it within 5 minutes of listing. 10 minutes later pleads poverty and wants to pull out.
Moron Two: Makes me a cash offer, which I accept. Fails to turn up on two separate occasions of his choosing. Stops replying to text messages.
Moron Three: Wants to pay no more than £200, I accept. Emails me the next day saying he wants something more cutting edge for his money. Its £200. A £200 Macbook from 2008. I resist the temptation to email him back.
Moron Four: Makes me an offer. I say I will accept only if he can pay straight away. He attempts to bargain me down another £50.

The final listing goes up, stating (in RED and everything!) that I will not accept any offers under the buy it now price and it is PayPal only. Still, multiple people email me making offers under the price. I now hate eBay.

It sold in the end for my asking price. Now I am just waiting for the replacement to arrive.

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