Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fun with tables

I quite like pixel art. In fact I like it a lot! Not so much the more modern stuff. Don't get me wrong that is incredibly impressive. I wouldn't know where to begin to paint a picture in that style. My preferred pixel art style is flat and mostly stuff from old video games. With not an excessively large amount of pixels on offer, the detail the great pixel painters can create is amazing. Which rather nicely brings me to Tables.

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I had a thought the other morning, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before. Tables in InDesign are a great fit for pixel art. Just set it up as a square and fill the cells! With that in mind I set about an A3 poster of a character from one of my favourite old games. It is the Mercenary from The Chaos Engine. Just to stress, I am no kind of artist. The design of this guy is from one of the great people at Bitmap Brothers. I am just recreating him here. 

Anyway, here is the video. Its a little long, I speeded it up as much as iMovie would allow. Oh! And the music is terrible, awful awful stock audio. Sorry! Apart from that, I hope you like it and get some ideas as to what else Tables in InDesign can be used for apart from normal Table type things!

I have also included the finished artwork as a jpeg. To view it full size right click it and select view in another window/tab.

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